Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Invite the Spirit into your home

Jill Edwards

Invite the Spirit into your home
Our mysterious 'I' knows that all living things around and have their minds, from the shed in the garden to the forest.Everything has a lively spirit, including our home. However, many homes now seem dead and soulless, as if they had taken out his heart. They lack a warm and welcoming atmosphere, there is no depth of character, not his song.When we lose touch with his deep "I", our house becomes a commonplace structure, inert container for our bodily needs and things - just a house.

Jane Alexander says: "This house - this is the place that feeds us on every level ... House, who has heart, hugs when we go into the door. We almost feel like it envelops us with its healing power. " This home is filled with loving pulsating Spirit.

How do we create a spiritual home? First, generously give to him her love, care, respect and attention. Then he truly loved you, will soon become a true home. Second, use more natural materials that resonate with the soul: a tree, terracotta, cotton, wool, cane, real fireplace, candles, healthy plants, fresh flowers, water, sunlight and fresh air. (I type in wicker baskets pebbles from places such as New Mexico and crystals from around the world.) Thirdly, choose a furniture that seems to invite people to use it. This, for example, comfy sofas of old pines, but not flawless expensive furniture, on which alone is not enough signs, "Do not touch!".

If at home you arrange the altar, it will also attract the Spirit.The altar should not be large, but you will have a sacred place where you can light a candle for the holiday. There you'll say a prayer or to pause and meditate to stay. (For many years my altar covered with a blanket located on the trunk. Now I am using for this purpose by the window sill, which is high enough, beyond the reach of children.) On the altar you can put candles, family pictures, statues, plaques.favorite quotations, incense or something special you love.On my altar there is a collection of Celtic prayers, the bell of the temple of Bali, a framed picture, embodying the baptism of my son, and a candlestick in the shape of a crescent, which is a gift from a dear friend.

For you, it would be nice to get acquainted with the Spirit of your home. In many traditional cultures, people celebrated the spirit of his home on the altar every day, inviting the spirits to bless and guardian to protect the house. We in the West almost lost this mystical awareness.

As soon as you realize that your home should be a spirit (or angel or deva), enter into contact with it becomes easy. Ask yourself, where is the heart of your home. Nestle into this place, look inside yourself, calm your mind and ask for a connection to the Spirit of your home. Yours sincerely greet him and invite conversation. Ask him how he sees the house, or that he expects from you. You can hear the words, see images and get some hints, or you have any experience. I usually consults with the Spirit of the house before you arrange it changes. For example, when I need to convert unneeded dining in a cozy room. I have always from the heart hello to him when coming home from a trip and say goodbye when leaving it for a long time.

Each home is unique spirit. For example, the Spirit of our home courageous and energetic, it looks like a fearless angel. But the cottage in Cornwall has a feminine spirit. He air, gentle, loving, friendly, and even grateful.