Wednesday, July 22, 2009



The term "astral attack" in the widespread usage has not, as a rule, no meaning. This is because as a modern attitude to the term "astral", widely used exclusively for the red Slovtsov, and consecrated the speculative tradition of confusion, which resulted in the identification of the astral plan, vital, or placing it between vitality and mental plans. In reality, the Astral, the fact of mental experience is not relevant to the previously described spatial-hierarchical model of the internal world: energy (aerial map) - emotional (vital plan) - intelligence (mental map).

In contrast, astral plan - an area of visualization, which can be projected and mental, and vitality, and energy items. Various state and concepts presented here in the shape of so-called "visual transcriptions. Everyone involuntarily looks at the plan at the time of dreams. The uncontrolled entry of the astral plan for the physical manifested in the form of hallucinations. There may be a conscious and controlled entrances to the Astral. It's the subject of this chapter.

The attack, which a person is exposed in the astral (as of astral attack is meaningful to speak only if pertsepient is in the astral), may resemble the form of physical attacks on the physical level. However, since Astral has its own characteristics, methods of protection in this regard is quite different from the physical protection techniques at the physical level.

For example, entering the Astral, a person can take to ensure what he is facing, namely, as to the events. In reality, this is only a visual transcription STATES (rarely - concepts), which is precisely the attempt to pretend to be "events" in the physical sense, trying to make a person treat himself like he belonged to the events at the physical level. In so doing, states put in the form of events, are able to seize a man in full.

Astral "forms" and "essence" can not touch pertsepienta until he has not forgotten where to find and not imposed on it by engaging in the scenario. Astral protection is based on a clear understanding of the features of the astral plan. However, the persistence of such awareness in the astral - the task is quite difficult, because the visual transcription at the time of "attacks" are actively seeking to involve pertsepienta in the maelstrom of illusory "events." They do so through fear or through enticement.

The vast majority of participants in the astral "Magic Theater" are all the vital projection, so the astral traveler (psihonavt ") shall have an excellent master rastozhdestvleniem for its vital sheath even at the physical level. If the person being in the astral, well at least for enhanced mental terms - using such formulas as "Neoskvernim dispassionate" - that is completely safe. Exclusion contemplation is the "astral strategy, at least, the Tibetan master of visualization.

Western occultist, whose astral world - the original party, also called by no means forget that going to Astral, you find yourself in a world of imagination. "In dealing with mysleformoy, all the time, remember that it is generated by the imagination and has no independent existence. The fact that the imagination has created, and the imagination can destroy" .* In other words, coming from outside the imaginary enemy forces should be dealt with by the same imagination.

* Dion Fortune. Op.cit., P.194.

Here, as we can see, there is a heroic approach, which does not accept "the eastern laziness." Westerners uninteresting not involved, it is interesting to get involved. Therefore, imagination and attitude is quite different. Contemporary adherents, for example, advised obdavat aggressor astral astral shell of napalm or rockets, you can huddle in his bag and astral astral drown in the well or something else like that. Astral ax in the end ... If nothing helps, then the old-fashioned stick in the astral fortochku and call for police assistance occult. First, ease the mind creates monsters!

Ownership astral protection are relevant only for single people, because very few are capable of deliberately setting out to Astral. Normal people also tend to fall into Astral only in dreams.